Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College supports CFHA transcriptions

We are pleased to be advised that Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College will make images of men’s and women’s minute books from Muncy Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania. Muncy Meeting (formerly Catawissa Monthly Meeting) was the source meeting of many Quaker migrants who relocated in Upper Canada at the beginning of the 19th century. . . . (Click here to read more) “Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College supports CFHA transcriptions”

Learn about Black Quakers for Black History Month

Happy Black History Month! The CFHA has numerous documents and publications that can help you with historical research and inquiry about Black people in Canada.

One such document is the Memorial written about William Allen, a man who was born as a slave in Tennessee and died as a minister at the Yonge St. . . . (Click here to read more) “Learn about Black Quakers for Black History Month”

New transcription: Pelham MM 1834-1886 (H-7-4)

We’ve just added a new transcription – Pelham Monthly Meeting 1834 – 1866 (H-7-4).

A proposition from Michigan Quarterly Meeting to Erase the word “of Ministers and Elders” from a paragraph of the Discipline 22ndpage was considered and united with & the womens Meeting have informed us of their concurrence the proposed change is accordingly adopted The paragraph in future will read thus When a Minister has a concern to make a religious visit to Europe?

. . . (Click here to read more) “New transcription: Pelham MM 1834-1886 (H-7-4)”