Winnipeg Monthly Meeting is hosting an online religious education event open to everyone on the history of Quakers in Canada. The event will be facilitated by Elaine Bishop on Thursday, November 30th.

Some quiz questions for an Introduction to the History of Quakers in Canada:

  1. Who were the earliest Quakers in Nova Scotia?
  2. How many Winnipeg Monthly Meetings have there been?
  3. How many Yearly Meetings have had the word ‘Canada’ in their names?

You can let Elaine know ([email protected]) what you want to know about Canadian Quaker history! If you would like to attend this event, please email Glenn to signal your attendance and to receive the online link ahead of time at [email protected].

About the speaker: Elaine Bishop has been involved with Canadian Quakers for most of her life, having been taken to Quaker Camp NeeKauNis as a child shortly after her parents brought her to Canada from England in 1951. She has worked for Quakers in Scotland and Canada. Her interests include Quaker history and Indigenous rights, including reparations and relationships between land and peace through the lens of Quaker peace testimony. She now Clerks the Canadian Yearly Meeting Archives Committee which oversees the Canadian Quaker Library and Archives.  

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Evelyn Schmitz-Hertzberg · December 3, 2023 at 2:41 pm

Elaine Bishop gave an quick history of Quakers in Canada. She called it “Tough Love” because she called out Quakers in the past and still today as being part of a white supremacist enterprise and a colonial enterprise. Quakers may be good, courageous, loving people but they need to be more consciously aware of their prejudices. Canadian Quakers should be aware of their white privilege and biases.

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