We have updated our transcriptions page with a new upload: Nine Partners Monthly Meeting (Men), 1820–1851.

Thank you to Sheila Havard for transcribing the minutes and to Randy Saylor for overseeing the transcription process. CFHA is grateful for their generous donation and time.

According to the Swarthmore Archives, “Nine Partners Monthly Meeting was set off from Oblong Monthly Meeting by Purchase Quarterly Meeting in 1769. It then became part of Nine Partners Quarterly Meeting upon its establishment in 1783. The meeting separated in 1828 into Orthodox and Hicksite branches. The Hicksite branch became an Executive Meeting in about 1928 under Nine Partners Half Yearly Meeting; in 1951, membership had dwindled and it merged with Oswego Monthly Meeting. The Orthodox branch moved to a new meeting house in 1882; in 1926 Friends in Millbrook joined with two other denominations to build a new church building in a union known as Lyall Memorial Federated Church.”

Many families who settled in Adolphustown and West Lake came from Nine Partners, and the family names included in the transcription will be familiar to those who have looked into Upper Canadian Quaker families.

Exterior of Nine Partners Meetinghouse in 1936, courtesy of the Historic American Buildings Survey. The meeting house was built in 1780.


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Evelyn Schmitz-Hertzberg · February 27, 2023 at 4:08 pm

Thank you Sheila Havard and Randy Saylor for the incredible amount of work that went into this long transcription. Dipping into it is always interesting.

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