Founders and Builders Series: Norman Jolly

In this month’s Founders and Builders Series, we introduce you to Norman Jolly, a longtime member and treasurer of the CFHA. His life is remembered here by Sandra McCann Fuller.

Norman Thomas Jolly (1923–2012)
By Sandra McCann Fuller

Norman Jolly was born 20 December 1923, in Mossbank, south of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, the son of Thomas and May Jolly. . . . (Click here to read more) “Founders and Builders Series: Norman Jolly”

Coldstream’s Early Development

Since October, the blog has featured two articles about Coldstream from both Donna Moore and Dave Zavitz. We continue this week with an article by Dave Zavitz on Coldstream’s early economic development and the impact of early Quaker families. 

Coldstream’s Early Development
Dave Zavitz

The early Coldstream area was heavily forested with the Bear Creek (Sydenham River) running through it. . . . (Click here to read more) “Coldstream’s Early Development”

Early Quakers and Christmas

While Friends globally hold differing views on the holiday season, early Quakers did not mark Christmas as a day different from any other. In his book, Christmastime in Pennsylvania, Don Yoder argues that while Quakers were against Christmas celebrations, some Quakers in mid-nineteenth century Pennsylvania “succumbed to a modified attention to Christmas at least as a family festival.” . . . (Click here to read more) “Early Quakers and Christmas”

Founders and Builders Series: Peter Brock

In this month’s Founders and Builders Series, we introduce you to Peter Brock, a gracious supporter of the CFHA and later honorary chairman. His legacy is remembered here by Jane Zavitz-Bond.

Peter Brock: World Peace Historian

By Jane Zavitz-Bond

Peter de Beauvoir Brock spent his life in the study, writing and teaching of the history of peace in the world.  . . . (Click here to read more) “Founders and Builders Series: Peter Brock”

November Co-Chair Update

This month’s update is contributed by Donna Moore on behalf of Gord Thompson and Jeff Dudiak.

AGM, Sept. 26, 2020

It is just a little over a month since our AGM, and it is good to reflect on the highlights. Holding the meeting via Zoom allowed for more attendees from a distance to participate, and it was very helpful to have this wider group review and discuss our activities. . . . (Click here to read more) “November Co-Chair Update”