Help transcribe ships’ logs from the Nantucket Historical Association

The Nantucket Historical Association is asking for volunteer help to transcribe handwritten documents. Their collection currently available for transcribing includes ships’ logs and particularly eleven logs written by women, likely captains’ wives.

The Nantucket area is of particular interest to Canadian Quaker enthusiasts as their whaling and fishing fleets had many connections with Barrington and Dartmouth, NS, which are home to some of the earliest Quaker settlers. . . .

New transcript! Plus: Help the CFHA Document Historical Quakers

Today we are announcing a new transcription available for your perusal: Muncy Women’s Monthly Meeting 1799-1819. This document was provided for our transcription by Swarthmore College Library, and was transcribed by Carman Foster.

Those settling under the Pelham Meeting in the Niagara area and including the Yonge St Meeting around Newmarket mostly came via New Jersey and Pennsylvania meetings.

. . .

Found Time with the CFHA

As many of you know, CFHA has had to postpone its planned Friendly Friday community building event. Many of us will be following good self-distancing practices. This will provide many opportunities for “found time”.

It has occurred to us that members and viewers might benefit from some CFHA-related suggestions for this time. . . .