Thank you to everyone who participated in our Annual General Meeting this year! This was our second virtual gathering, allowing for a number of attendees from a distance to participate.

Our thanks and appreciation also go to the keynote presentation panelists who shared about their research from Quakerism in the Atlantic World, 1690-1830, including Robynne Rogers Healey, Richard C. Allen, Erica Canela, Elizabeth Cazden, Andrew Fincham, Sydney Harker, Rosalind Johnson, Emma Lapsansky-Werner, and Geoffrey Plank. Their insight contributed to rich discussions about Quaker history and touched on a range of topics including memorial testimony writing, inequalities among Friends, the shaping of Quaker discipline, marriage legislation, family and community formation, Quakers and Indigenous Americans, and industrial development. Their work demonstrates the importance of decentralizing the narrative of Quaker history from the centres of Quakerism and exploring the diversity of Quaker thought and lived experience in the eighteenth century.

“Sketch of the Quaker Meeting House in Sparta” by F.D. Poole, 1980. Courtesy of the Elgin County Archives.

Thank you as well to everyone who came to listen and to those of you who stayed for the business portion.

From the business session, updates were shared on the development of the CFHA Digital Archive, the success of our Friendly Fridays series, and many new and exciting proposals for the year to come.

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Evelyn Schmitz-Hertzberg · September 23, 2021 at 10:43 am

Is it possible to see the AGM as a video? I am sorry I missed it as I was away.

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