Built Heritage and Quaker Register

Built Heritage

Built Heritage refers to a project to create a register of meeting houses (surviving or otherwise) and significant other buildings and locations that have a Quaker history. By identifying Quakers and their built heritage we can help educate others to enjoy and preserve the significance of the site. 

Ian writes, “The QUAKER REGISTER will cover the whole of Canada, coast to coast. From research to date, there are an estimated 19,800 Quaker sites in the country, with an estimated 16,700 in Ontario alone. All will be methodically found and recorded by Province, County, Township and location. The earliest sites appear to be in Newfoundland circa 1680. Information is requested from all sources.

Quaker Register
Within many communities across Canada, small groups of Quakers left an important built heritage legacy. While their meeting houses are by far the most recognizable architectural contribution of Quakers, there are thousands of buildings that purposely incorporate the Quaker values of quality and simplicity. The objective of the Quaker Register is to document, recognize, and if possible preserve, Quaker built heritage in Canada.

For more information about this project or to volunteer, please contact the Chair of CFHA.