For the 400th anniversary of the birth of George Fox—credited with the establishment of The Religious Society of Friends also known as Quakers—the 2024 Joint Conference will be held in Lancaster in June, in the area at the epicentre of early Quakerism. The anniversary offers a valuable point for reflection by historians, archivists and others to consider the life and times of Fox as well as his legacies, and a coming together of new and exciting ideas around Friends and their history. This conference is ideal for anyone researching Quakerism or those interested in the findings of the research. This is a major transatlantic event and a very exciting opportunity to hear the latest scholarship in Quaker studies.

The conference organizers invite proposals for presentations from all disciplines in the academy, from archivists and heritage practitioners, and from scholars from all backgrounds at any life stage. This year the organizers encourage proposals on the following topics:

  • George Fox focused:
    • George Fox in the Midlands / 1624 Country
    • Ancestry, parents, relatives of George Fox
    • Places and spaces of Fox and his heritage
    • The saintliness and hagiography of Fox, challenges to this
      • What is lost by focusing on Fox as the founder of Quakerism
  • Fox in the digital age
  • Quakerism beyond George Fox
  • The Valiant 60
  • Margaret Fell and other early Quakers before Fox
  • Women and religion in the 17th century
  • Weavers, shoemakers, printmakers: apprenticeships in the mid-1600s England
  • Archives and material culture of early Quakers

In addition to individual paper presentations (20 minutes), they welcome proposals for panels of complete sessions (2-3 papers), roundtable discussions (60 or 90 minutes), workshops (up to a half day), or other collaborative formats. They also seek participants for a session of lightning talks (5-7 minutes each), a format especially well suited to works-in-progress, summaries of recent publications, or ongoing projects. All presenters are required to register for the conference.

Complete proposals should be sent via email to Mary Crauderueff and Jordan Landes, program co-chairs, at [email protected]. The deadline for proposals is December 4, 2023.

Please see the CQHA’s website for more information on proposals and registration.

Questions? [email protected]
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