Our intrepid transcription volunteer Carman Foster has completed another meeting book – Whitchurch Preparative (O-8-9). This document can now be found on the Transcriptions page, as well as right here.

This is the first Whitchurch document we have ever shared!

“Whitchurch meeting was established in 1805as an indulged meeting and asked in 1810 to become a Preparative meeting under Yonge St Monthly meeting.This was finally authorized in 1816. Property was secured in 1814 for a meeting house and in 1827 and new one was planned. The new one ended up in the hands of the Hicksite Quakers and the original continued with the Orthodox Quakers. This minute book continued with the Orthodox Quakers.”

Carman directs your attention to the following entry, from Image 100 and 101 of the original microfilm:

Whitchurch preparitive meeting held 5th of 4th moth 1837

The Overseers produst to this A complaint stating that Aaron Tool has for A length of time neglected the attendence of our meetings boath for religious worship and disipline and make use of profane language and in A passon has made attenpts to inger A man with A knife which are directed to the monthly meeting”


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