The Nantucket Historical Association is asking for volunteer help to transcribe handwritten documents. Their collection currently available for transcribing includes ships’ logs and particularly eleven logs written by women, likely captains’ wives.

The Nantucket area is of particular interest to Canadian Quaker enthusiasts as their whaling and fishing fleets had many connections with Barrington and Dartmouth, NS, which are home to some of the earliest Quaker settlers.

You can find ships’ logs and other materials to transcribe here:

Setting up an account and getting started is easy.

If you’d like to look through the NHA’s collection for materials of interest, start here:

And if you’d like to see if historical Nova Scotian and New Brunswicker Friends are relevant to your inquiries, read this great article from Sandra Fuller in the Canadian Quaker History Journal about the 1787 census:

Census of Quaker Families in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, 1787 (PDF)


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