Kathleen Hertzberg at Germany Yearly Meeting

Last month, the blog featured articles by German Friend Lutz Caspers detailing early Quakerism in Germany, nineteenth century Quakerism, and Quakers in twentieth-century Germany. CFHA’s co-founder Kathleen Hertzberg (then Kathleen Brookhouse), spent time in pre-World War Two Germany with British Friends, and her daughter, Evelyn Schmitz-Hertzberg, has provided the blog with two photos of Kathleen’s time there. . . . (Click here to read more) “Kathleen Hertzberg at Germany Yearly Meeting”

Moore Family Reunion & Presentations

Moore Family Reunion and Presentations 2021
July 17, 2021 via Zoom

All are welcome to attend the upcoming 2021 Moore Family Reunion, which includes three presentations that are of note to CFHA members. This event is a gathering of the descendants and friends of Samuel Moore I, of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Province of New Jersey, born c. . . . (Click here to read more) “Moore Family Reunion & Presentations”

Our Enduring Heritage: Yonge Street Friends Burial Ground, Newmarket, Ontario

Quakers in the Thirteen Colonies
During the 1770s Quakers living in North America had large families and, like many settlers at that time, found that land for younger family members was becoming scarce and expensive. So began the great westward migration. . . . (Click here to read more) “Our Enduring Heritage: Yonge Street Friends Burial Ground, Newmarket, Ontario”

Marriage and Faith Adherence: An Early Canadian Quaker Love Story

On the subject of marriage, William Penn wrote, “Never marry but for love; but see that thou lovest what is lovely.”[1] Marriage was an expectation for most young Quakers, yet the practice of endogamy and the parameters surrounding marriage set out by Quaker discipline governed the choices Friends made. . . . (Click here to read more) “Marriage and Faith Adherence: An Early Canadian Quaker Love Story”

New Transcription: Muncy Monthly Meeting, 1819 – 1834

We’ve updated our transcriptions page with a new upload: Muncy Monthly Meeting, 1819–1834, as well as Certificates of Removal, 1797–1808.

You can also see the PDF here: https://cfha.info/MuncyMM1819-34.pdf 

This new transcription is two books in one. The first forty-seven pages include removal certificates from 1797 to 1808 and record a number of removals from the Muncy Meeting in Pennsylvania to Pelham Meeting in the Niagara area and the Yonge St Meeting in the Newmarket area. . . . (Click here to read more) “New Transcription: Muncy Monthly Meeting, 1819 – 1834”

Coldstream Series: Coldstream’s Early Development

Since October, the blog has featured two articles about Coldstream from both Donna Moore and Dave Zavitz. We continue this week with an article by Dave Zavitz on Coldstream’s early economic development and the impact of early Quaker families. 

Coldstream’s Early Development
Dave Zavitz

The early Coldstream area was heavily forested with the Bear Creek (Sydenham River) running through it. . . . (Click here to read more) “Coldstream Series: Coldstream’s Early Development”

Early Quakers and Christmas

While Friends globally hold differing views on the holiday season, early Quakers did not mark Christmas as a day different from any other. In his book, Christmastime in Pennsylvania, Don Yoder argues that while Quakers were against Christmas celebrations, some Quakers in mid-nineteenth century Pennsylvania “succumbed to a modified attention to Christmas at least as a family festival.” . . . (Click here to read more) “Early Quakers and Christmas”