Quaker Connections: Doan’s Kidney Pills

Doan’s Kidney Pills, a widely used brand of pills that gained popularity throughout the United States and Britain in the early twentieth century, claimed Canadian Quaker origins in their advertising. The pills were said to help a number of ‘female complaints,’ including kidney disease, back pain, nervousness, headaches, and restlessness. . . . (Click here to read more) “Quaker Connections: Doan’s Kidney Pills”

New to the Website

A few new changes have come to CFHA’s website. Our events page has been updated with more information about Friendly Fridays. These free sessions are ongoing and new participants are always welcome! If you’re interested in attending a Friendly Fridays session and delving into the journal of George Fox, you can find more information and register on our events page. . . . (Click here to read more) “New to the Website”

Marriage and Faith Adherence: An Early Canadian Quaker Love Story

On the subject of marriage, William Penn wrote, “Never marry but for love; but see that thou lovest what is lovely.”[1] Marriage was an expectation for most young Quakers, yet the practice of endogamy and the parameters surrounding marriage set out by Quaker discipline governed the choices Friends made. . . . (Click here to read more) “Marriage and Faith Adherence: An Early Canadian Quaker Love Story”

Canadian Quaker Highlight: Anna Solmes Cronk

The Canadian Quaker Highlight series features the stories of Friends whose lives are part of the Canadian Quaker experience.

Anna (Engeltie, or ‘Angelica’) Solmes was born in Dutchess County, New York, in 1774.[1] Anna immigrated to Upper Canada in the late 1790s after her marriage to Jacob Cronk. . . . (Click here to read more) “Canadian Quaker Highlight: Anna Solmes Cronk”

New Transcription: Toronto Monthly Meeting, 1893-1902 (B-2-47)

We’ve updated our transcriptions page with a new upload: Toronto Monthly Meeting (Orthodox) book from 1893-1902.

You can also see the PDF here: http://cfha.info/TorontoMMB-2-47.pdf

The Toronto Quaker Meeting continues to be an active meeting to this day. More about the history of the meeting can be found on the first page of the transcription. . . . (Click here to read more) “New Transcription: Toronto Monthly Meeting, 1893-1902 (B-2-47)”