Join us Saturday, April 9th, for the seventh lecture in CFHA’s Quakerism in the Atlantic World series. The previous lectures have provided wonderful opportunities for Quaker scholars and historians to generously share their research and delve into the diverse facets of Quaker history. We’re very much looking forward to our next speaker, Dr. Jon Mitchell, who will present on his chapter, “Three Methods of Quaker Worship in Eighteenth-Century Quakerism.”

The virtual series runs every second Saturday. All lectures will take place at 0900 Pacific / 1200 Eastern / 1700 UK on Zoom (If you are in the UK and have attended the previous lectures, please note sessions are returning to the previous time of 5pm). Following the chapters of the volume, each short lecture will run for thirty minutes and include a discussion period at the end. All are welcome to attend the lectures and are we encourage you to share the registration link with friends and colleagues who will find the series of interest. Please register here:

Jon Mitchell was awarded a PhD in 2018 in Theology and Religious Studies from the School of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science, University of Leeds, UK. His dissertation was titled ‘Religious Melancholia and the York Retreat, 1730-1830’ . He lives in Brighton, UK and is currently looking for academic work.

Jon Mitchell’s examination of three methods of Quaker worship in this period reveal that the practice of silence in Quaker meetings was not always the same, both within meetings and between meetings. As eighteenth-century Quakers sought a relationship with to the Divine that echoed the confident experience of early Friends, they adopted and adapted Christian contemplative practices used by other Christians. These practices were themselves shaped by the theological context in which they were formed, giving rise to theological or doctrinal diversity in the transatlantic Quaker world.

CFHA is dedicating this lecture series to Gordon Thompson in recognition of his enthusiasm for sharing Quaker history as a way to keep us connected during the pandemic. We rejoice in Gord’s tremendous contributions to CFHA. Always mentioning the great accomplishments and potential for CFHA, our Association is so much stronger because of Gord’s leadership and many contributions.


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