Join the Friends Historical Association in celebrating the 400th anniversary of George Fox’s birth with a focus on his contemporary, arguably the second most important leader in the early Quaker movement: William Penn. Events include an in-person tour of Pennsbury Manor on May 19 and a virtual lecture by J. William Frost on May 29. These events are all free but registration is required. Details are on FHA’s website.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 – “William Penn: Enigmatic Quaker, Founding Father” by J. William Frost (virtual event)
12:00 PM ET (find my local time)

18th Century Engraving Print of William Penn

For the 400th Anniversary of George Fox’s birth, J. William Frost will present a virtual talk on William Penn that excavates his life as a deeply religious man who experienced personal triumph and success as well as tragedy and failure, as well as his connections to George Fox. While many recognize William Penn as the founder of Pennsylvania and a defender of religious liberty, much less is known about Penn as a man of faith. Frost’s forthcoming book, William Penn: A Radical, Conservative Quaker (Penn State University Press, November 2024) examines Penn as a deeply religious man whose contradictions reflect, at least in part, his turbulent times. This intriguing history fills significant gaps in writings about Penn–particularly concerning Penn’s faith and its intersection with his work as a statesman and politician.


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