This month’s update is contributed by Donna Moore on behalf of Gord Thompson and Jeff Dudiak.

AGM, Sept. 26, 2020

It is just a little over a month since our AGM, and it is good to reflect on the highlights. Holding the meeting via Zoom allowed for more attendees from a distance to participate, and it was very helpful to have this wider group review and discuss our activities. There was lots of interest in our keynote speakers, Ben Pink Dandelion and Stephen Angell, with good reason. They were able to share details about Quaker scholarship that was informative for all. One question they addressed was “What holds Quakers together given the diversity of belief?” You can listen to their answer to this and the full presentation at:

Support for the Association’s many activities was shared by those in attendance. Of note is that those who have a project or research interest within our scope may apply for funding through the Founders Fund. Our revamped website and the activity on our blog are major initiatives that continue to gain attention. Also of note is the adoption of a customer relations management system, “CiviCRM.” This system helps with managing our membership records as well as providing functions for members such as online membership renewal. Appreciation was shared for the many individuals involved in these activities. 

Friendly Fridays

Launched on Oct. 2 via Zoom, Friendly Fridays have connected several who wish to learn and discuss George Fox’s journal. Participants have very much appreciated being able to spend time on this document foundational to the Quaker experience. 


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