Though Covid-19 has thrown our upcoming AGM a few curveballs, we’re excited at the prospect of having members join us virtually on Saturday, September 26th (11:00 AM EDST Toronto time) for the CFHA Annual General Meeting. All members are encouraged to attend, and guests may request to participate by writing to [email protected]. Perhaps a silver lining through all of this is the ability to accommodate members from all across North America for the first time, and we hope it allows more of you to participate.

The CFHA will circulate a ‘Documents in Advance’ package for members to review prior to the AGM. This allows our virtual meeting to run smoothly, as this package will include the typical reports and statements which have been submitted for review and approval at the AGM. Our meeting will also include a separate moderator to manage the media traffic and facilitate the work of the Co-Chairs.

At the time of writing, other items are in the works for the AGM, including the possibility of an interesting presentation following the AGM. Please continue to watch for additional details as they become available. Any questions or comments may be forwarded to [email protected].


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