The Adolphustown-Fredericksburgh Heritage Society has been around since 1989, chronicling the history of one of Ontario’s oldest United Empire Loyalist settler communities. Adolphustown is of particular interest to Quaker historians as the site of the first Preparative Meeting in Upper (or lower) Canada, started in 1798.

Membership in the AFHS costs only $5 for a lifetime, and comes with it a subscription to the members-only newsletter, which has wonderful articles about Adolphustown & Fredericksburgh history.

In the April 2020 edition, you will find articles about the Haight farm, the Spencer Burial Ground, early schools, a summer camp in the area, and a collection of historical news clippings of interest.

Their website is also full of great historical materials and publications, including a call-out for contributions of local photographs. You can find more information about the AFHS and how to become a member on their website:



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