“Assimilate or Be Exterminated”
Presented by David Raymond (Mi’kmaw descendant)
December 4, 2023, 7pm Eastern Time

David Raymond, a Quaker from Ottawa, will be giving a talk titled “Assimilate or Be Exterminated” this coming Monday, December 4th. David used the CFHA transcription of the Genessee Yearly Meeting minutes and other CFHA resources in his research. He has collected a trove of supporting documents found at other online sources.

Registration: https://friendspeaceteams.org/assimilate-or-be-exterminated-2023/

For much of their existence, the Quaker Yearly Meetings of Turtle Island and Britain pursued the eradication of Indigenous Peoples’ cultures and matriarchies as a means to save Indigenous Peoples from the supposed necessity of their extermination (mass killing).

In his presentation, David Raymond will examine Quaker writings and deeds from the late 18th century to the present and will offer reflections on the impact of the truth on his faith journey.

David is a Quaker from Ontario, Canada. He is of European and Mi’kmaw ancestry and is reconnecting to Mi’kmaw culture. For several years he has been researching Canadian Quakers’ historical role in the attempted forced assimilation of Indigenous Peoples.

“Assimilate or Be Exterminated”
December 4, 20238 pm Atlantic time7 pm Eastern Time6 pm Central time5 pm Mountain time4 pm Pacific Time


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