CFHA is excited to share the following announcement from the Middlesex Centre Archives:

The Middlesex Centre Archives (MCA) is pleased to announce receipt of a $28,500 grant through the Library and Archives Canada’s Documentary Communities Heritage Program (DHCP). This grant will support the professional repair, cleaning and digitisation of early records and photographs from the businesses, industry and personal records of the Society of Friends (Quakers) and the Marsh Store (1862-1955). The original fragile records will be preserved meeting archival standards, and the digitised records will become accessible to the public. MCA is one of 11 recipients in Ontario under this year’s DCHP grants.

Dave Zavitz, vice chair of the MCA, has previously shared a list of Quaker documents and family history records available at the archives. Having these records accessible online will be a wonderful resource for those interested in Middlesex County’s Quaker history. Dave has also contributed a number of guest posts for our Coldstream series on the Marsh store, Coldstream’s early development, and Benjamin Cutler.


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