Join us Saturday, April 23rd, for the eighth lecture in CFHA’s Quakerism in the Atlantic World series. The previous lectures have provided wonderful opportunities for Quaker scholars and historians to generously share their research and delve into the diverse facets of Quaker history. We’re very much looking forward to our next speaker, Dr. Erin Bell, who will present on her chapter, “’Mrs. Weaver Being a Quaker, Would Not Swear’: Representations of Quakers and Crime in the Metropolis, ca. 1696-1815.”

The virtual series runs every second Saturday. All lectures will take place at 0900 Pacific / 1200 Eastern / 1700 UK on ZoomFollowing the chapters of the volume, each short lecture will run for thirty minutes and include a discussion period at the end. All are welcome to attend the lectures and are we encourage you to share the registration link with friends and colleagues who will find the series of interest. Please register here:

Erin Bell is a senior lecturer in the Department of History, College of Arts, at the University of Lincoln, UK. She has a particular interest in the different experiences of male and female Friends, and in considering how mainstream attitudes towards other religious communities related to and informed attitudes toward and depictions of Quakers. She also works on the representation of the past in factual television programming and is a member of the Lincolnshire Area Meeting. In addition to her book History on Television, co-authored with Ann Gray (2013), she has published widely on representations of Quakers in popular culture and the law in the early modern period. She is currently working, with Richard Allen, on Quaker Networks and Moral Reform in the North East of England.

Erin’s chapter explores how Quakers were represented in accounts of London crime, particularly in Old Bailey Proceedings and Ordinary’s Accounts. She compares the experiences of Quakers with other religious minorities, notably how they were affected by inherited prejudice and their history as a criminalised minority.


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