We’ve updated our transcriptions page with a new upload: Oswego Monthly Meeting (Women) 1799 – 1817.

Thank you to Swarthmore College Archives for providing images of the minute book, first scanned in 1950, and to Carman Foster, who transcribed the minutes.

Established in 1799, Oswego Monthly Meeting was originally set off from Nine Partners MM. The meeting separated during the Hicksite-Orthodox schism of 1827-28, and both factions are the predecessors of active meetings: Bulls Head-Oswego (Hicksite, name changed in 1980) and Poughkeepsie Monthly Meeting (Orthodox, name changed in 1870).

Many names in this transcription will be familiar to those who have read the Upper Canadian meeting minutes, including Dorland, Bull, Haight, Hoag, White, Moore, Palmer, and Clapp. Mentions of the Upper Canadian meetings are found in Deborah Clapp’s 1800 certificate of removal to Canada, Mahitable Bull’s removal to Adolphustown in 1803, Ruth Christy’s removal to Adolphustown in 1803, and Phoebe (nee Barker) Blount’s removal to Adolphustown in 1814 after her marriage to Cornelius Blount. Further removals to Upper Canada include Huldah Wilcox to Pelham Monthly Meeting in 1815.

Photo of Oswego Monthly Meeting House, built 1790. Photo from Alson D. Van Wagner’s “A Short History of Oswego Monthly Meeting,” Bulls Head-Oswego Monthly Meeting, Clinton Corners, NY, 1986.


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