We’ve updated our transcriptions page with a new upload: Muncy Monthly Meeting, 1819–1834, as well as Certificates of Removal, 1797–1808.

You can also see the PDF here: https://cfha.info/MuncyMM1819-34.pdf 

This new transcription is two books in one. The first forty-seven pages include removal certificates from 1797 to 1808 and record a number of removals from the Muncy Meeting in Pennsylvania to Pelham Meeting in the Niagara area and the Yonge St Meeting in the Newmarket area.

As well, the minutes detail a number of Friends, including Ellen McCarty and Mercy Ellis, who travelled to Upper Canada in the aftermath of the Orthodox-Hicksite schism.

Our thanks and appreciation go out to Carman Foster once again for his transcription from images of the original text, and to Randy Saylor for researching and writing the detailed introductory notes.

A photo of the Friends Meeting House, Pennsdale (Muncy), courtesy of the James V. Brown Library.


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