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Dear CQHA friends,


This is not the message we had hoped to share with you at this point in our planning for the CQHA 2020 conference. Our program committee had worked through proposals and acceptances and was justifiably proud of the program we had put together, based almost entirely in the quality of presentations and their convergence around aspects of Quaker history and culture. We were on the verge of sharing the completed program with presenters, and were planning to open registration by the end of March.


Instead, and with true regret, we are writing to let you know that we have decided to cancel the CQHA 2020 conference scheduled in June at Earlham College. In its place, we are beginning to make plans for a short virtual symposium this coming Fall and a rescheduled gathering at Earlham in June, 2021. 


In recent weeks we have watched the situation surrounding the global spread of the COVID-19 virus with concern, but also with the hope that we might still be able to hold our conference as planned. Emerging guidance in Europe and North America to curtail both travel and conferences for at least the next eight weeks makes that look increasingly impossible. After careful deliberation, and since it is not our wish to heighten uncertainty in uncertain times, we have taken this decision now rather than wait any longer.

Since CQHA meets every other year, 2021 would have been our year off. We hope that all those accepted for 2020 will be willing and able to present their work at a June 2021 conference at Earlham (specific dates to be determined). We will keep you apprised as new plans for a Fall 2020 online symposium and rescheduled conference next June take shape.

We deeply appreciate the community that has formed around this conference and we look forward to gathering next year.

With best wishes to all,


Robynne Rogers Healey

Convenor, CQHA


John Anderies

Susan Garfinkel

Program Co-Chairs


Jenny Freed
Local Arrangements Coordinator



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