Efforts during the past year to enhance CFHA member website capability are nearing completion and activation. Once implemented, members will be able to perform many actions via the website, which up until now required printing and mailing of forms and fees. The following is a summary of the changes which can be expected as the website upgrade project is implemented.

    New member privileges will figure prominently going forward. Membership renewal and new memberships will be able to be accomplished on-line, as will payment and purchase of items which may be offered for sale. Website visitors and members will also be able to complete and submit various CFHA forms and program applicants on-line.

    The new website will feature a regularly updated blog where we will post the types of materials you have been receiving in your newsletters and Journal. This will vastly increase our capacity to share important event information on a timely basis. We will also share articles of interest to our members. This includes historical articles, articles about genealogy and finding your Quaker ancestors, and primary sources that come to our attention. Importantly, the new website will offer members the opportunity to dialogue with one another. It will also give us the opportunity to connect members who want to share information, especially on genealogy. The new website capabilities will also facilitate an expanded CFHA footprint on various social media platforms.

Members only website section. The added website features will include a ‘members only’ capability. The specific access and benefits to be provided exclusively to members are still being determined, but anticipate that this will probably include a genealogy forum or “chat room” where members can ask questions and connect with others interested in Quaker ancestry. All website content that is now freely accessible, including transcriptions and back-issues of publications, will remain so. Additional information will be provided as soon as possible.

New Publication Policy. Please note that with the introduction of the CFHA blog neither the Canadian Quaker History Journal nor The Meetinghouse newsletter will continue as regular organization publications. In place of these intermittent publications members will receive timely and stimulating articles on the blog. Blog posts will include current event details and announcements and longer researched articles and transcriptions contributed by members and others. CFHA members will gain the benefits of greatly increased information flow and sharing plus the ability to comment on and participate in on-going and informative blog dialogues and discussions.

A number of CFHA members elected to receive and paid for printed copies of the Canadian Quaker History Journal issues that would normally have been published in membership years 2017-2018 and/or 2018-2019 respectively. For all such members we are pleased to announce the publication of a double issue (Edition number 82/83) will be available shortly. In the next six to eight weeks, printed copies of this last regular issue of the Canadian Quaker History Journal will be mailed to all members who ordered and paid for them. Pre-paid copies may also be provided for pick-up at the upcoming AGM at Friends House. Please see AGM 2019 details in this issue.

From time to time, CFHA may publish a special monograph that it considers of interest to its members. These monographs will be available for purchase on the website. . Commencing membership year 2019-2020 (Ninth Month 01, 2019 to Eighth Month 31, 2020) membership will include a member subscription to the CFHA on-line blog in place of the electronic or printed versions of publications.

Be sure to renew your membership for 2019-2020!  All members currently on record will have CFHA online privileges extended to them once the new website is activated. Among the first items to be posted and distributed to members via the blog will be the electronic version of the Canadian Quaker History Journal number 82/83. Other interesting and significant recent items are already lined up in preparation for posting to members. You will not want to miss these! Membership fees for the 2019-2020 membership year are unchanged from previous years. Please download and complete a membership renewal form available under the “Membership’ tab at www.cfha.info. Better yet, plan to attend and renew your membership at the AGM.


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