New transcription: Pelham MM 1834-1886 (H-7-4)

We’ve just added a new transcription – Pelham Monthly Meeting 1834 – 1866 (H-7-4).

A proposition from Michigan Quarterly Meeting to Erase the word “of Ministers and Elders” from a paragraph of the Discipline 22ndpage was considered and united with & the womens Meeting have informed us of their concurrence the proposed change is accordingly adopted The paragraph in future will read thus When a Minister has a concern to make a religious visit to Europe?

. . .

Randy Saylor to make Keynote Presentation: Quaker United Empire Loyalists: An Exploration

“At our preparative Meeting of Pelham the 29th of the 5th Mo. 1811

            This Meeting was Inform,d that Benjamin Birdsall is Living in the Neglect of Attending meetings  Appears out of plainness both in Dress and Address and making use of the Vain Compliments of the World & that he is Concernd in the Distillation of Grain also that he has Reciev,d A tract of Land of land from Government under the Appelation of UE.   . . .