There are two types of funding assistance available. Jump to each section for the details and the application process.

Founders Fund – (one type of funding)
Essay Award & Scholarship Program – (two types of funding)

1. Founders Fund

2012 marks the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Friends Historical Association. The inaugural meeting of the Association was on August 19, 1972 during the Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends at Pickering College.

Those gathered believe that the organization of the Canadian Friends Historical Association is a new step in the life of Quakerism in Canada. We hope that it will provide more complete records of the history of the past and of history in the making, and thus supply source material and inspiration for further study of Quakerism in Canada.

Noting the creation of the Association, Arthur Dorland, the author of The Quakers inCanada: A History, who was named honorary chairman, wrote “The idea is an excellent one. You will have my moral support.” Since 1972, many individuals have sustained the Association through its long and rich history. At the 2012 AGM, Andrew Brink, Kathleen Schmitz-Hertzberg, Norman Jolly and Jane Zavitz Bond were recognized as “individuals who made significant contributions to the founding of the association and/or sustained contributions to achieving its mission.” At the 2013 AGM, Peter Brock, Sandra Fuller, Fred Haslam, David Holden, David Newlands, Grace Pincoe, Albert Schrauwers and Elma Starr were added to this list of founders.

With the decline or passing of many of the founders of the Association, it is fitting and proper that we honor them along with the fortieth anniversary of the Association with the creation of the Founders’ Fund. 

The Founders’ Fund provides financial support.
Consistent with the Mission of the Canadian Friends Historical Association, the Founders’ Fund provides financial support to individuals and organizations as they work to preserve, document and communicate the history, heritage and faith of Friends in Canada.

For more information about the Fund, or to apply, please consult the Founders’ Fund Fact Sheet and Application form (pdf version). It is recommended that applicants use this Word version of the Application as their template. Just type in your material for each section and send it via email.


CFHA Student Essay Award and Scholarship Program Initiated

Ref: CFHA 2016 MH Winter Scholarship Initiative 04 Third 2016

During the CFHA 2015 AGM members present approved the initiation of a student scholarship program during the current year. The purpose of the program is to promote awareness of CFHA and local meetings among students, to facilitate student interest and research related to Canadian Quaker history. and to create additional content for he CFHA publications The Meetinghouse and the Canadian Quaker History Journal. The first awards are intended to take place in the 2016/2017 CFHA membership year. All CFHA members, including individuals, meetings and subscribing organizations such as museums, archives and libraries are asked to promote awareness of this program among local Young Adult Friends, local high schools and the general public as appropriate. CFHA will directly contact the applicable departments of selected universities and post-secondary institutions.

One CFHA student essay scholarship is available to junior high school students (Grades 9-10) in the amount of $200, and one award is available to senior high school students (Grades 11-12) in the amount of $300. In addition, one scholarship in the amount of $1500 per year for each of two years is available to be awarded to a university student who is undertaking a program in relevant Canadian Quaker research. 

The criteria which will be applied for evaluating student essays includes the clarity of the thesis, the clarity of the overall paper, and the evidence of personal research support.  The topic should further the understanding of the experience and contribution of the Quakers in Canada. There is no maximum essay length, but junior high school essays should be at least 1000 words in length, those of senior high school students a minimum of 1500 words. Submission of artistic or creative works on a Quaker theme are welcome in lieu of an essay provided that the subject matter and content provide an historically accurate depiction of an actual Canadian Quaker event, family, or chronicle etc.

Applicants for the university student scholarship need to submit a detailed outline of their proposed research topic and details of their university enrolment and degree program being pursued. The student receiving the scholarship needs to show evidence that he/she is making progress toward the completion of a research article, and will need to submit the completed paper in order to receive the complete scholarship amount. It is intended that the completed paper will be provided to CFHA for publication consideration in the Canadian Quaker History Journal or other CFHA publication. CFHA publications are typically posted to the freely accessible CFHA website at some time.

Complete application instructions and application forms may be downloaded from the three links below. Or one can request copies via an email to [email protected] or a hard copy requested by mail. Questions may be directed to the above email address.

Scholarship and Essay style guide
Scholarship application form
Essay application form