Join us Saturday, February 12th, for the third lecture in CFHA’s Quakerism in the Atlantic World series. Our speaker is Quaker scholar Andrew Fincham who will discuss his chapter, “Friendly Advice: The Making and Shaping of Quaker Discipline.”

The virtual series runs every second Saturday. All lectures will take place at 0900 Pacific / 1200 Eastern / 1700 UK on Zoom. Following the chapters of the volume, each short lecture will run for thirty minutes and include a discussion period at the end. All are welcome to attend the lectures and are we encourage you to share the registration link with friends and colleagues who will find the series of interest.

Register for the third lecture here:

Andrew’s chapter challenges the historiography of homogenous eighteenth-century Quaker Discipline through a detailed comparison of London Yearly Meeting’s and Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s Discipline manuscripts.

Andrew Fincham is a researcher in the school of Philosophy, Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham, UK, seeking evidence and explanations for the causal relationship between business success and ethics. His doctoral thesis addressed the ‘Causes of Quaker Commercial Success 1689-c.1750’, which applied Social Network Theory to account for the importance of Quaker Discipline.

Recent publications have engaged with ethics and corporate social responsibility, the evolution of transatlantic Quaker discipline, the nature of the ‘Wigan Diggers’, and business management history. His research is concerned with understanding the links between Quakers, their values, and commercial success, and their implications for responsible corporate governance.

His current areas of interest include a revision of eighteenth century Quaker historiography, and an exploration of counter-arguments to Max Weber’s ‘Protestant Ethic’. His innovative statistical model of Quaker populations 1680-1800 was shortlisted for the 2019 Michael K. O’Rourke Research Publication Award.

CFHA is dedicating this lecture series to Gordon Thompson in recognition of his enthusiasm for sharing Quaker history as a way to keep us connected during the pandemic. We rejoice in Gord’s tremendous contributions to CFHA. Always mentioning the great accomplishments and potential for CFHA, our Association is so much stronger because of Gord’s leadership and many contributions.


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