We recently received a genealogy question in regard to the ancestry of Thomas William Henry Young Bunnell (1860 – 1896) from Susan Bunnell.

Thomas Young Bunnell listed his birthplace as Toronto and Ontario on two documents, but on his death notice his place of birth is left blank. In another document, he lists his parents as Henry and Hannah Bunnel. The Bunnell/Bonnell family appear to be active in the Yonge Street Monthly Meeting (this includes Henry and Margaret Bonnell and their children). However, there is no birth record for Thomas in Ontario and no mention of him in any census until 1891 (after his marriage to Ellen Guard in 1888).

Susan Bunnell has suggested that perhaps Thomas came to Canada through the British Home Child Program and was adopted into the Bunnell family, as she found a record of a Thomas Young entering Canada at the age of 14.

Do you have any information about Thomas Young Bunnell or the Bunnell/Bonnell family?


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