Recently the American National Archives and Records Administration posted this interesting tidbit on their blog:

Some Americans in Canada: The Record Book of Joseph Edwards, Niagara, Upper Canada, April 1812-January 1813

If you don’t follow NARA, you may have missed this interesting document – a record book of Joseph Edwards, the Justice of the Peace in Niagara. It includes a hefty list of Americans forced to either depart Upper Canada or swear allegiance to the province. You may recognize a few last names in the blog post: Dorland, Height (Haight?), Lloyd – there is even a Samuel Moore!

(Perhaps those of you with extensive knowledge on the topic can speculate in the comments whether this is the Samuel Moore, who at that time had just moved to Upper Canada from Nova Scotia and held several properties.)

A number of the people listed are from Pennsylvania and New York, and taking a look may lead you down some helpful new research paths. While some of these names may be Quakers, there is also a section especially noting members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, which may help those of you working on religious history more broadly.

The record book in question has been digitized and can be found here:

Happy reading!


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