We’ll be helping to close out the Ontario Ancestors 2020 annual conference in Hamilton this June. On Sunday the 7th we’ll be presenting at 2:30pm. We’ll be talking about our efforts to modernize our organization and provide new digital resources for researching Quaker history: from updating our website and indexing our publications to building a new digital archives platform to present our digitized documents and transcriptions.

Here’s our presentation summary:

The Canadian Friends Historical Association is developing a more advanced web presence to further genealogical and academic research into Quaker settlement across Canada since 1798. After several years of volunteers diligently transcribing handwritten documents detailing the many members, visitors, and events of Quaker worship groups across the country, we are compiling these documents into a digital archive, freely accessible to all. We are particularly working on building a definitive list of Canadian Quaker names based on authoritative Quaker meeting records, such as minute books, BMD registers, and digests of removals and disownments. We plan to follow this with a secondary list of less well documented Quakers based on non-Quaker sources. 

Attend this session to learn about resources relevant to Ontario community history, such as meeting minutes, BMD records, letters, and diaries of visitors writing of their encounters with people across the province. You’ll also learn some Quaker history, and all about the recordkeeping, digitizing, transcribing, and sharing practices that have made these documents available.

You can see the entire conference program here. And you can register to attend OAC 2020 here!


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