The Canadian Friends Historical Association is pleased to announce the creation of two new posters. The new posters have been added to the existing ‘Who are the Quakers?’ display sets. This brings the number of posters in the complete set to 10.

    Beaver Harbour New Brunswick “No Slave Master Admitted” has been researched and compiled by members of New Brunswick Monthly Meeting. The poster incorporates images of original period documents, graphics and an historic photograph to illustrate the remarkable account of how a racially diverse population of black and white Loyalists and members of the Peskotomuhkati nation peacefully shared the environs of present-day Beaver Harbour, New Brunswick. The story is revealed through surviving records related to the small Quaker meeting established there in 1784 and later sources.

    To Make Known The Quaker Story paraphrases the mission statement of the Canadian Friends Historical Association: ‘” To preserve and communicate the history and faith of Friends (Quakers) and their contribution to the Canadian experience.”  The poster provides a synopsis of the various means by which this mission is accomplished through publications, meetings and other activities. The poster text and illustrations promote awareness of the organization and the benefits of membership. Not the least of these benefits is the opportunity to share, learn from, and exchange information among a welcoming community of descendants of early Quaker migrants, active Quakers and those who share an enthousiasm and interest in Quaker legacy and experience. Membership is open to all.

    As noted elsewhere in this issue, copies of the complete 1-0 poster sets are now being made available for purchase by Quaker organizations and meetings. Please see the advertisement in this issue.


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