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Transcriptions of Minute Books and Registers
Rooted in their belief in the importance of testimonies and their role as “publishers of
truth”, Quakers have left us a rich and diverse collection of written documents. While
each meeting of Quakers regularly recorded the life of the meeting in minute books,
individual Quakers have generated a vast amount of personal correspondence.
Gleaned from the collections of the Library and Archives of Canada, various provincial
archives and the Canadian Quaker Archives, the Association is working to transcribe
these documents from their original handwritten form to more useful digital formats.
For more information about transcriptions, or to volunteer, please contact our current Chair (refer to our Contact page for email addresses).

Nine Partners Meeting, NY
We are hoping to transcribe the minute books of Nine Partners Monthly Meeting, men and women, between 1779 and 1810. This meeting in Dutchess County reported to New York Yearly Meeting. Many of the Quaker settlers to Adolphustown and later, West Lake in Prince Edward County, Upper Canada, came from or through Nine Partners. The year 1810 is key since in that year Canada Half Yearly Meeting was established and no longer did Upper Canada Quakers have to report to Nine Partners.
Ferrisburg Monthly Meeting was in Vermont and a number of memebers moved to Canada.
The Hicksite Genesee Yearly Meeting starting from 1834 has been completed. This meeting included the Upper Canada Hicksite meetings after the separation in 1828.
Adolphustown, West Lake, Pelham, Yonge St. Minute Books and registers
A large number of minute books and registers from these meetings have been transcribed and they are available on the web site of the Quaker Archives and Library of Canada.